CNT on the re-foundation of the IWA. CNT-E's XI Congress agreements on internacionalism.

The CNT would like to announce and explain the agreements made during our December 2015 Congress with regards to the current International Workers’ Association (IWA). We believe that it is necessary to explain our position on the drift of our international, so that this internal situation can be made publically known in order to openly and quickly begin the process of its re-foundation.

The CNT calls a General Strike for March 29

Against the Labor Reform, the cuts, and the assaults on the working class. The CNT rejects any kind of negotiation over the rights conquered by the working class and demands the repeal of the Labor Reform. The CNT’s confederal committee has decided to call a 24-hour general strike for March 29, which will extend the call that has already been made for Galicia and the Basque Country. This call will be formalized in the coming days.

CNT, a representative union

You might think that if you don't run for election, you'll never be representative. That's not true. You and only you are representative.

The three NOs

CNT, on the other hand, says NO to elections, NO to union reps, and NO to state subsidies. We don't want professionals paid by the company.

29S -The struggle is in the street, towards a general strike!

Various union organisations and social movements release a schedule of joint mobilisations leading towards a general strike.


[Barakaldo] Mediapost Strike: looking back and weighing the outcome

After a year and a half of cuts since the takeover by Mediapost, application of an inferior convention, a wage freeze, reduction and elimination of outstanding leave, and all the silence of the works council, the CNT decided after two months of protests to call a strike on June 28- 30, coinciding with the negotiations in Madrid, having three goals and many reasons.

CNT gives Visteon's Proposal an F

The union doesn't quite understand how a company that is making profits can possibly be threatening workers with a redundancy plan if they don't accept the shutting down a plant.

CNT Calls Strike in Association of Municipalities of Bajo Guadalquivir

The union will protest in front of the Department of Employment in Seville to protest non-payment of salaries in the Association The CNT union has called a strike in the Vocational Training Center of the Association of Municipalities of Bajo Guadalquivir, which includes the municipalities of Los Palacios, Utrera, El Coronil, Los Molares, Las Cabezas, Lebrija, Trebujena, El Cuervo, Sanlúcar, Chipiona and Rota. The strike will take place on Thursday, July 28th and will last from 8:00 until 15:00. That same day CNT will protest in front of the Department of Employment in Sevilla, on Avenida Argentina at 11:00.

[Press Release] CNT criticizes Visteon Workers' Demobilization

The CNT does not understand how the leaders of the CCOO and the UGTmake a pact to ”go on holiday” in such an extreme situation• The CNT calls on the workers to continue protests and has announceda global day of action against Ford -Visteon

[Conferences] CNT Center Inaugurated in Elx

Fecha y hora del evento: 
14/07/2011 - 21:30 - 24/07/2011 - 00:00

THURSDAY 14 JULY: 9:30 PM. Opening party. Exposition + video by the Komikelx graffic arts collective.

FRIDAY 15 JULY: 9:30 PM. Showing of "La hora de los valientes" [Time for the Brave].

SATURDAY 16 JULY: 8 PM. Round-table discussion: CNT, from 100 years to an anarchosyndicalist future. Showing of "La furia libertaria" [Libertarian Fury].

[Barcelona] Striking Workers from the Department of Territory Dismissed

Last Monday June 27, the workers from the Division of Infrastructure Management (AGI) of the Department of Territory and Sustainability who are outsourced by the companies Serikat and Cast-Info were told that they were dismissed. The CNT union of the AGI had called a strike for June 20 - 28 to protest the illegal subcontracting of workers in the Department.

Towards a General Strike

The unions Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Solidaridad Obrera (SO) and Coordinadora Sindical de Clase (CSC) met on June 24 in Madrid to discuss how we can respond to the attack we the workers are under, an attack without precedents, one that bushwhacks our acquired rights, one made a reality by the government and European institutions, the bosses and the markets. How we can coordinate a struggle, and a response, based on class unity and action.

All of the unions expressed their complete rejection of the policies that through successive labor reforms, pension system cuts, collective bargaining reforms and cuts in the public services aim to send the hefty IOU to the workers, and the weakest sectors of the society, who then foot the bill for capital's crisis.

We also agreed that a shared response, one that was above our differences, was needed to mobilize the workers in a unified struggle, with the participation of all those union organizations, workers groups and social movements who are firmly against the policy of social pacts and demobilization promoted by the institutional unionism of CCOO and UGT.

Atento Wages War on Freedom of Expression

A few days after the formation of the CNT union in  Atento in Madrid, fascist views have emerged and there has been repression against its delegate, Suso, both by the company and members of the union bureaucracy. Perhaps what hurts some is the presence of real anarchosyndicalism and fear the company and others have of the courage and determination of a CNT which fights, showing its strength through direct action (picket on April 25 to denounce the workplace harassment against an anarchist comrade in the Barcelona 061-Emergency Service).

Centennial Memorial: 75th Anniversary of the Revolution

Inauguration of the monument in memory of the comrades killed by fascism

FOSSAR DE LA PEDRERA (CEMENTERIO DE MONTJUÏCH – BARCELONA) JUNE 18, 2011, 12:00 The Monolith of Memory After a year of celebrations, on 18 June, the events of the Centennial of the founding of the National Confederation of Labour will culminate with the placement of a monolith in memory of the hundreds of thousands of members of the libertarian movement who gave their lives for freedom and the Social Revolution and who fell under the genocidal bullets of Francoism.  And it cannot be put in a more representative place than the Fossar de la Pedrera in the Montjuïc Cemetery, where thousands suffered the holocaust of the Franco regime.

CNT Barcelona Rally in front of Vodafone Headquarters

In the context of the open conflict with the company INTERNITY, a distributor of Vodafone, the CNT in Barcelona held a rally at Vodafone's headquarters to demand the reinstatement of our union delegate and denounce the repressive policy of INTERNITY against workers who demand that their rights be fulfilled. During the rally, a banner was unfurled and leaflets were distributed to all workers, pedestrians and store customers explaining the abuses that the workers of INTERNITY have to suffer on a daily basis.


CNT Calls a Strike in the Department of Territory and Sustainability

- CNT is calling for a week of strikes in the Infrastructure Management division in the public Department of Territory and Sustainability to protest the illegal outsourcing of workers. - The Department has moved members of our union branch to another shop in a clear attempt to sweep the situation under the carpet. - The illegal outsourcing of workers in the public administration wastes millions of euros of public money.

CNT Demonstration in Madrid Aagainst Cuts in Labor and Social Rights

· Thousands of people arrived from all over the country to the neighbourhood of Vallecas, where the march took place. · The Confederation was very critical of the reform of collective bargaining as unnecessary, unjust and a source of further precarity. · It called on other anticapitalist organizations to unite forces and stand against the savage attack which the working class is suffering.

The CNT in the IT Sector

The CNT in the IT Sector

The time is ours! For continued occupation of the plazas and disobedience!

A statement by the anarchosyndicalist CNT of Spain on the May protests and occupations which have swept the country.

The countless demonstrations and occupations that are taking root in the main squares of cities and villages since the 15th are a clear example of the organizational capacity of the people when they decide to be the protagonists of their own lives; overcoming apathy, resignation, and the absence of a self-awareness with which to articulate solutions to take on and construct alternatives to the many problems that today face all of us: workers, the unemployed, students, immigrants, retirees, the precarious...

The organizational formulas developed in these mobilizations prove the viability of direct participation through assemblies for taking decisions that channel our aspirations and demands and make us overcome individualism. We become protagonists, rather than spectators of a system based in representation and delegating authority, which erases our individuality. Assemblies, a rotating microphone, working groups, responsibility, capacity, organization, self-responsibility, coordination, involvement and visibility are the collective teeth that move our gears, capable of challenging the institutions and provoking an expectation and public debate that have eclipsed the electoral campaign and the recurring contents of the national and international press.

CNT-AIT Madrid Action at an INEM Office

On Thursday 14 April, a dozen activists of the CNT-AIT Madrid entered the office of the INEM (National Employment Institute) on Paseo de las Acacias to protest against the various cuts that the wor

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